This site is made to helping you getting your

MSDS ready for Europe.

Creating an MSDS is „easy“ you must just look at the EU-page to get the directive (or you click here to see the directive 2001/58/EC).

But pay attention to the annex:

The safety data sheet should be prepared by a competent person who should take into account the specific needs of the user audience, as far as it is known. Persons placing substances and preparations on the market should ensure that competent persons have received appropriate training, including refresher training.

You need background information including all the other relevant directives.

Now you have the joice

either you read all the directives and search for relevant data and classify your substances and prepartation and check ADR, IMDG and IATA-DGR


you take the simple way and call +49-6421-88 65 63 or e-mail to

You will be connected to „Chemie & Vorschrift“ (i.e. chemistry and regulations)

the German company offering this service for a reasonable price.

This company creates MSDS and takes the responsibility.

And it is cheaper then you think ...

(pricing for an MSDS is starting at 150 euros per sheet,

reductions may occur if more are needed)